Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Renaissance" Men and Women

This is Mr. Weber's address to the JPII student body on Monday, January 12, 2009.

Our development office has initiated an advertising campaign that features several students of JPII. Next to their picture is a short list of the many activities they’re involved in, with the headline “Be More”, making the point that we have talented students and a comprehensive program that encourages you pursue these talents. Yes people know that Wesley Tate is a great football player, but how many outside of JPII know he also sings in the Advanced Men’s choir? Or that Leah, a first team all state soccer player, is also a clarinetist? Or that Will Maddux, an all state soccer player, is also an all state vocalist ?

We are committed here to the idea of “renaissance” men and women, students who are well rounded in many things—academics, athletics, the arts, their faith. As I get to know each of you better, I am discovering how true this is about you. It’s very impressive, when it comes time to compete for college entrance and scholarships, to have a resume which indicates a versatility of talents and interests. But even more importantly, it makes for a satisfying, interesting life!

Over the course of the year so far, I’ve been honoring those of you who have been recognized for academic achievements: Merit Finalists, for example, or those who have excelled in Chorus. Earlier last week, I asked the athletic program for a list of honors our athletes have received this year so far, and this morning, I wanted to focus on them:

• In Volleyball, Briana Hoover was named all region and all county, whereas Katie Collier was all county and Jessica Rogan made all county honorable mention. Ashley Hammer made 2nd team in volleyball in Sumner County.

• In football, Wesley Tate was name all mid-state, but more impressively, a member of the Tennessean’s “Dream Team” for all of Tennessee.

• In women’s soccer, Caitlin Carter, Anna Steele and Emily Ward were named all county honorable mention, Sarah Galvin and Leal Smith were named all county 2nd team, Paige Bachle was named all state and all county, and Rosie Mahoney were named first team all county. Leah Loven was named first team all mid-state, mid-state defensive MVP, all county and first team all state, whereas Cailin Harris was named all state by the TSWA, 2nd team mid-state and Sumner County Player of the Year (that’s 9 players from women’s soccer receiving some sort of recognition!). And let’s not forget Mr. McLaren, who was named mid-state girls’ coach of the year for D-II!

• Ashley Powell was named Sumner County female cross country runner of the year and first team all metro, whereas Kirsten Perrey was named 2nd team all metro. Grace Lucas 1st team was first team all county, along with Ellen Pacsi, Alex Simpson and Kirsten Perry

• Our golf team did very well this year, qualifying for the state tournament, where they finished 5th. Tanner Taddeo: (All Mid State 3rd team and made the All County Team), Anthony Dowdy: (All County Team), Jordon Julow: (All County 2nd team) Blaze Dempsey: (All County 2nd Team)

• Our swim team was completely dominant in the Sumner County swimming championships, with emphasis on “completely”:

-Winning the 200 meter medley relay were Brittany Zobl, Ashley Powell, Kathryn George and Abbie Wood

-Winning the 200 boys’ freestyle was John Mainland, whereas the 200 girls’ freestyle winner was Abbie Wood

-The boys’ 200 individual medley winner was Alek Nochowitz, whereas Kathryn George won the 200 medley for the girls

-Conrad Claycomb won the boys’ 50 meter freestyle and Brittany Zobl won the girls’ 50 freestyle

-Adam Castellarin won the boys’ 100 butterfly, while Kathryn George won the girls’ 10butterfly

-Boys’ 100 meter freestyle was won by Conrad Claycomb

-Boys’ 500 meter freestyle was won by Alek Nochowitz, while Abbie Wood captured the girls’ 500 freestyle

-The boys’ 200 meter freestyle relay team of John Mainland, Samuel Geist, Will Vanderslice, Tanner Graham won, whereas the girls’ 200 meter freestyle team of Brittany Zobl, Ashley Powell, Kathryn George, Abbie Wood won.

-Adam Castellarin won the boys’ 100 backstroke, and Brittany Zobl won the 100 girls’ backstroke

-Ashley Powell won the 100 meter breaststroke

-Finally, the boys 400 meter freestyle team of Conrad Claycomb, Adam Castellarin, John Mainland, Alek Nochowic were champions.

• These individuals have qualified for the State Individual Bowling Competition: JP2 Boys – Matthew John Marshall; JP2 Girls – Hayley Pionk, Lauren Fowler, Natalie Beatty, Julie Pionk

• Our Cheerleaders won the Cheer Nation Competition at the Municipal Arena in Nashville in the fall

All in all, that’s a pretty impressive list of athletic achievements. It speaks well of your commitment, as well as your coach’s commitment, to excellence. Keep up the good work.

Students of JPII, aspire to be great in many things. Those who are well-rounded —academically, spiritually, athletically, culturally—are happy and successful adults. That’s what we aspire for you.

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