Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Essence of a Catholic High School

When you strip away everything else, what is the primary purpose of a Catholic high school? It comes down to this: 

Catholic high schools are called to cooperate with God’s grace in the lives of their students to encourage a living encounter with Christ. Through a school's liturgies, common prayer, study, and service initiatives, students should be immersed in a culture where the life of faith is so pervasive that it is natural and, to a certain extent, unnoticed—almost like breathing. 

In essence, this is the great gift of a Catholic school: that the practice of faith is not an isolated Sunday obligation,but an integral part of daily life, providing meaning, direction, and synthesis to the fragments of a teenager’s busy life. In this goal, we should welcome the participation of students and families of all Christian faiths, united in service as we are to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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