Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best National Anthems Ever

This July 4th, I've spent some time on the internet researching various renditions of our national anthem to determine the best. The votes are in! Whitney Houston's rendition in the 1991 Super Bowl is still spectacular, even 16 years later:

Second best goes to the Dixie Chicks at the 2003 Super Bowl:

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Anonymous said...

You had to be there... but the best rendition of our National Anthem I've ever heard was at a Montgomery Symphony concert shortly after 9/11. I don't remember who the soloist was, but the audience sang their hearts out. Many people in the audience were from an older generation so I talked to my parents about it afterward (both were born in the 1920's). They remarked that in their youth, the National Anthem was ALWAYS sung loudly by the entire audience. "If you can't reach the high notes then just drop down an octave and sing louder!" was their advice. At any rate, it was very heartwarming to be surrounded by the Anthem rather than just hearing it performed.

Lea Ann Webb