Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Father's Pride

Allow me, for just a second, to exhibit a little fatherly pride. My daughter Cynthia just finished a wonderful junior year. She played volleyball and was the junior class president. She was very active in the YMCA's "Youth in Government" program and was one of 8 students chosen in Alabama to represent the state at National Youth Judicial, held in Oklahoma City in early May. She was one of three to run for youth governor, though she didn't win. She is currently representing Alabama in the Council for National Policy and is debating bills in North Caroline with 600 other teens from all over the country.

Last week, she represented Alabama in the "National Right to Life" Oratory Contest, held in Nashville, TN.

Next year, she is the student body president at Montgomery Catholic. What I am proudest about of all, however, is that Cynthia is a person of faith and lives what she believes.

OK, I'm done bragging. Thanks for bearing with me!

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